Нови книги в Икономическата библиотека (14-18 февруари 2011)

Нови книги


America’s Great Depression

Murray N. Rothbard

Leipzig, Germany, 2009

Since it first appeared in 1963, it has been the definitive treatment of the causes of the depression. The book remains canonical today because the debate is still very alive.http://library.ime.bg/americas-great-depression-2/


 The Myths of Innovation

Scott Berkun

O’Reilly Media, 2010

„Berkun sets us free to change the world.“ – Guy Kawasaki, author of Art of the Start



Financial Market Bubbles and Crashes

Harold Vogel

Cambrigde Press, 2010

„Hal Vogel’s book is fascinating and useful. It is accessible to the interested layperson, and its first part provides a readable refresher course on finance and financial history for the specialist. The second part contains some novel empirical approaches and results that give much food for thought. Taken as a whole, the book is both educational and a pleasure to read.“ http://library.ime.bg/financial-market-bubbles-and-crashes/


 Fooling Some People All the Time: A Long Short Story

David Einhorn

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008

„What you will find within the pages of this book will blow you away. This is a tale of deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, cloak-and-dagger antics, millions and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars, and an unbelievable amount of effort expended by Einhorn and others to bring it all to light. . .This book may go down as one of the classic financial forensics books of our time.“  



Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse

Peter D. Schiff and John Downes 

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009

„The dot-com implosion proves that we all need Peter Schiff’s vision of investing. His view is so global and so unique in its approach, and at a time when we all should be looking to crash-proof our portfolios, Schiff offers us this much-needed life-raft.“



How An Economy Grows And Why It Crashes

Peter D. Schiff and Andrew J.Schiff 

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010

‘If you feel you want to get a decent grasp of free-market economics…this book is the perfect place to start.’  – Daniel Hannan




The (Mis)Behaviour Of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward

Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson

Profile Books Ltd., 2005

“The deepest and most realistic finance book ever published.”

– Nassim Nicholas Taleb




The Greatest Trade Ever: How One Man Bet Against the Markets and Made $20 Billion

Gregory Zuckerman

Penguin Books, 2009

„Simply terrific. Easily the best of the post-crash financial books.“  

-Malcolm Gladwell


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