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Айн Ранд

Издателска къща МаК съвместно с издателство „Изток-Запад”, 2010

Химн” – най-краткият роман на Айн Ранд, писан преди повече от 70 години, е aнтиутопичен разказ за едно тотално колективизирано бъдещо общество, чиято цел е незабавното убийство на човешкия дух. В „Химн” Ранд за първи път излага централните принципи на своята философия: разум, ценности, воля, индивидуализъм. http://library.ime.bg/himn/ 


The Future of Money

Oliver Chittenden (Editor)

Virgin Books, 2010

The state of the global economy affects every single one of us. With economic growth threatened by financial regulation and the East and West at competitive odds, the real solutions to global recession can only come through international co-operation. Featuring World leaders, Nobel Prize-winning economists, award-winning writers and opinion formers „The Future of Money“ brings together the finest thinking to suggest solutions to this global predicament. http://library.ime.bg/the-future-of-money/ 


The Federalist

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison

Liberty Fund, 2001 

The new Liberty Fund edition presents the text of the Gideon edition of The Federalist, published in 1818, which includes the preface to the text by Jacob Gideon as well as the responses and corrections prepared by Madison to the McLean edition of 1810. The McLean edition had presented the Federalist texts as corrected by Hamilton and Jay but not reviewed by Madison. http://library.ime.bg/the-federalist/ 



The Revolutionary Writings of Alexander Hamilton

Richard B. Vernier (Editor)

Liberty Fund, 2008

As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Hamilton occupies an eccentric, even flamboyant, position compared with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, and Marshall. Hamilton’s genius, forged during his service in the Continental Army in the Revolution, brought him not only admiration but also suspicion. As the country he helped to found grew and changed, so did his thinking. This comprehensive collection of his early writings, from the period before and during the Revolutionary War, provides a fuller understanding of the development of his thinking. http://library.ime.bg/the-revolutionary-writings-of-alexander-hamilton/ 


In Defense of the Constitution

George W. Carey

Liberty Fund, 1997

In Defense of the Constitution refutes modern critics of the Constitution who assail it as “reactionary” or “undemocratic.” The author argues that modern disciples of Progressivism are determined to centralize political control in Washington, D.C., to achieve their goal of an egalitarian national society. http://library.ime.bg/in-defense-of-the-constitution/ 



 Education in a Free Society

Benjamin A. Rogge and Pierre F. Goodrich

Liberty Fund, 1979

A position paper by Benjamin A. Rogge and Pierre F. Goodrich leads off Liberty Fund’s collection advocating an educational system based strictly on private and voluntary institutions. http://library.ime.bg/education-in-a-free-society-2/



Education and the State: A Study in Political Economy

Edwin G. West

Liberty Fund, 1994


Edwin George West (1922-2001) – Professor Emeritus of Economics at Carleton University, Ottawa broke into academic publication in 1964 and 1965 with two articles, „Private vs. Public Education: a classical economic dispute“, in the Journal of Political Economy, and „Tom Paine’s Voucher System for Public Education“, in the Southern Economic Journal. He spent much of the rest of his career elaborating on the problems of government monopoly in education, and on analysis of various methods for having students pay for education, and professors be paid for teaching and research.

His interests were wider than the structure of the educational system, but they always fell within a domain dependent on the spirit of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. http://library.ime.bg/education-and-the-state/ 


Can Capitalism Survive?

 Benjamin A. Rogge

Liberty Fund, 1979

Benjamin A Rogge – late Distinguished Professor of Political Economy at Wabash College – was a representative of that most unusual species: economists who speak and write in clear English. He forsakes professional jargon for clarity and logic – and can even be downright funny. The nineteen essays in this volume explore the philosophy of freedom, the nature of economics, the business system, labour markets, money and inflation, the problems of cities, education, and what must be done to ensure the survival of free institutions and capitalism. http://library.ime.bg/can-capitalism-survive-2/ 



 The Rationale of Central Banking and the Free Banking Alternative

 Vera Smith

 Liberty Fund, 1990 

Vera Smith’s The Rationale of Central Banking invites us to reassess our monetary institutions and give reform proposals due consideration. The decades since it first appeared in 1936 have restored its themes to relevance. Government-dominated monetary systems have continued to perform poorly. Other experience, as well as the work of James Buchanan and the Public Choice School, has heightened skepticism about government generally. People are now willing to discuss what Vera Smith set out to examine: „the relative merits of a centralized monopolistic banking system and a system of competitive banks all possessing equal rights to trade“. http://library.ime.bg/the-ratinale-of-central-banking-and-the-free-banking-alternative/ 


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