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Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors

Michael E. Porter

Free Press, 2004

For three decades, Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy has been the starting point for managers wanting to maximize profitability within a competitive marketplace. The Harvard Business School professor’s five basic competitive forces, which condense and simplify the complexity of industry competition, are as relevant today as they were in 1980. With step-by-step tools to help managers select new industries to enter, forecast how industries evolve, and recognize „market signals“ from competitors, Porter breaks down the three generic competitive factors — cost, differentiation and focus — that are vital for helping managers conduct industry and competitor analysis.



Стълбата на успеха: Как да превърнем малката фирма в просперираща компания

Ерик Фламхолц, Ивон Рандъл

МаК, 2007

Всеки в бизнеса може да съжалява, че не е прочел „Стълбата на успеха” по-рано. За студентите по бизнес и мениджмънт тази книга е учебник. За начинаещите предприемачи – ръководство за действие. За професионалните мениджъри – доза реализъм.

В „Стълбата на успеха” няма излишни стъпала. Изкачете се с нея до върха!



The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Great Depression and the New Deal

Robert P. Murphy

Regnery Publishing, 2009

„Robert P. Murphy’s splendid guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal is a clear, compelling account of an era that even most economists get wrong. Now that many people are clamoring for a rerun of the New Deal, you owe it to yourself to find out what such a sequel would entail. Murphy’s book is the best place to begin your quest.“
–Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow in Political Economy, The Independent Institute



Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy Revisited

Larry Diamond (Editor), Marc F. Plattner (Editor)

The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993

Fifty years ago, Joseph Schumpeter published „Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy“, his classic study of the relationship between political democracy and alternative economic systems. Although Schumpeter’s work continues to be widely read, many of its central conclusions have been called sharply into question by the developments of recent years.

In this book, the editors bring together distinguished scholars of international stature to address the full range of questions involved in assessing the relationship between democracy and alternative economic systems. Among these questions are: does political democracy require a market economy, and/or private property, and/or limitations on the state’s economic role? What specific aspects of capitalism and socialism are especially conducive or detrimental to democracy? Is there a viable „third way“ between capitalism and socialism?



The World Economy Since the Wars: A Personal View

John Kenneth Galbraith

Sincalir-Stevenson, 1994

This far-reaching analysis by one of the world’s leading contemporary economists traces the economic history of the century, from the theories of Marx and Engels to the Wall Street Crash, from Roosevelt’s „New Deal“ to the recent cycle of boom and bust, from the ideas of Keynes to the signing of the GATT agreement. In particular it shows how the world economy is taking shape today, with former communist countries adapting to Western policies, and with third-world countries isolated from the unity of the developed world and its market economy.



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