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11-15 октомври 2010




Gordon Tullock

Liberty Fundр 2005


During the past half-century Gordon Tullock has continually advanced the frontiers of political economy, most particularly with respect to the workings of representative democracies and autocracies. As his reputation grows, Liberty Fund announces a ten-volume collection, The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock. This series brings together Tullock’s most significant contributions to economics, political science, public choice, sociology, law and economics, and bioeconomics.

Tullock and his 1962 coauthor, Nobel laureate James M. Buchanan, are widely recognized as cofounders of public choice, a field that systematically applies the rational choice approach of economics to the analysis of political markets. Public choice analysts evaluate the impact on political outcomes exercised by voters, special interests, bureaucrats, legislators, and presidents on the assumption that each such actor pursues his own self-interest. In so doing, public choice demonstrates that the “invisible hand,” identified by Adam Smith as associating self-interest in the private marketplace with the wealth of a nation, does not necessarily hold in political markets, where the “visible boot” of government, unless carefully checked, may result in economic ruin.

Tullock has made pathbreaking contributions to constitutional political economy, the vote motive, rent-seeking theory, bureaucracy, law and economics, and bioeconomics. He has expanded the frontiers of political economy, widely defined.

Scholars will undoubtedly find the extensive breadth and depth of Tullock’s writings enriching. The general reader, as well as the student of politics, and all who love economic liberty, will find Tullock’s prose lucid, readable, and sprinkled with wit. His forensic argument is penetrating, compelling, clear, and unambiguous. His brilliant mind is surprisingly accessible to us all.

Gordon Tullock is among a small group of living legends in the field of political economics. The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock provides an entree to the mind of an original thinker. 

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