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Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange

Kenneth A. Oye

Did bilateral and regional bargaining choke off interenational commerce and finance in the 1930s and prolong the Great Depression? And is the open world economic system now being placed at risk by explicitly discriminatory practices that erode respect for the GATT, the IMF, and the IBRD? Most political economists would answer in the affirmative, warning that bilateral and regional preferences are at best inefficient and at worst catastrophic. By constrast, Kenneth Oye shows how economic discrimination can foster international economic openness by faciliating political exchange.



Olivier Blanchard

The fundamental goals of this book are to provide an integrated view of macroeconomics, and to make close contact with current macroeconomic events. The book is now organized around two main parts, a core of eleven chapters, followed by a set of three major extensions. The core looks at the short run, the medium run and the long run. The extensions look at expectations, openness and pathologies. Theory and applications are continuously used to explain what is happening around the world. All theoretical material is presented by relating it to the real world. For anyone wanting to further their knowledge of macroeconomics.



Проблемы теории и практики социализма


Та грандиозная мировая катастрофа, которая поверхностному наблюдателю может показаться нарушеним всех законов общественного развития и скорее страницей из Апокалипсиса, чем реальностью резким выражением противоречий современного общества.