Нови книги в Икономическата библиотека (7 – 11 февруари 2011)

Нови книги



Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World

Niall Ferguson

Penguin Books, 2004

„Brilliantly challenges the simplistic focus on racism, violence and exploitation…A concise and lucid exposition…Popular history at its best.“ – Washington Post

„Though Empire is scrupulous scholarship, it is also a rattling good tale.“ – Wall Street Journal 



All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis

Bethany McLean, Joe Nocera

Portfolio Hardcover, 2010


„Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera methodically reconstruct the 30 years that culminated in the Great Recession, years in which Wall Street’s relentless greed and Washington’s delusional regulators jointly built a time bomb – and thwarted any attempt to disarm it…. The depth of reporting is enormous.“ -Time 


 An Economist’s Protest

Milton Friedman

Thomas Horton & Daughters, 1975


“Just as banks all around the country were closing, the Fed raised the discount rate; that’s the rate they charge for loans to banks. Bank failures consequently increased spectacularly. We might have had an economic downturn in the thirties anyway, but in the absence of the Federal Reserve System—with its enormous power to make a bad situation worse—it wouldn’t have been anything like the scale we experienced.”


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