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Amount of the investment in IME

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Whatever amount you are donating, you become a part of a network that believes that the individual and economic freedom are the way to better life for the whole society. With your donation you become part of the people who have the power to change.

Every donation is important to us. Regardless of your possibilities, you can invest in IME.

If you think that you can donate once a small contribution of 10, 20, 50 leva or another small amount, you should know that with this gesture, you not only help our activities, but also you show your trust in us. If you decide that the investment in IME is worth, please, consider the possibility ti become our regular contributor, by paying small but regular contributions. These contributions are very important for us because they allow us to undertake urgent initiatives.

If you are provoked by events that happen in our society and see that IME protect your interests of a citizen, do not hesitate to support us. We will spend your money wisely.

As IME’s contributor you can be:

IME Follower up to 100 leva

Friend of IME 100 - 500 leva

IME Associate 500 - 3500 leva

IME Club’s member 3 500 - 10 000 leva

IME Benefactor over 15 000 leva

The benefits of donation, see here.


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