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We believe that you value your freedom and the opportunity to decide what is best for you.

We are convinced that you are in favor of a small but effective public administration.

We trust that you support a more transparent business environment in Bulgaria based on fair competition.

These are the core principles and ideas that drive us and which we strive to defend on daily basis. These are the ideas that I offer you for investment.

In return for your investment in our work, we promise that:

  • We will continue to publically call for continued and timely market-based reforms;
  • We will observe, comment, and suggest smart and optimal public policy solutions;
  • We will be there to prevent and even block ill-reasoned policy decisions from being implemented. In other words, we will continue to defend the ideas in which you believe.


  • Campaign “The Expenditures of the Bulgarian State”
  • Pension reform
  • Tax Freedom Day
  • Index of Economic Freedom in Bulgaria
  • Program Trainees
  • Student’s Club to IME
  • IME Alternative Budget 2011 with Low Taxes
  • Internet Economic knowledge
  • Economic Library of IME and BMA



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