The IME Presented the English Version of "Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development"

The English version of “Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development 2017” was presented on March 13th 2018 at a dedicated round table discussion attended by representatives of foreign embassies, chambers of commerce and industry and international organisations, among other distinguished guests.

download the full study | browse the district profiles | download the presentation [1] [2]

The presentation was focused on the following topics:

  • Economic expansion: which parts of the country grow robustly and which lag behind;
  • Labour markets: is labour shortage the only game in town;
  • Education: what is education quality in the regions and is there a feedback loop to labour market performance;
  • Local taxes: are tax hikes trendy among local authorities.

The IME also presented the country’s leading economic centres – a pilot research effort, made public just a few weeks ago. The study came out of the team’s desire to draw an economic map of the country based entirely on natural economic processes. The analysis highlights the strongest nuclei of the national economy and their pertaining peripheries.