Summer Seminar „Europe & Liberty” (21-27 July, 2013)

The Summer Seminar “Europe& Liberty” was held in Bansko between July 21 and July 27, 2013. This workshop was organized by the Institute for Market Economics (IME) and the Institute for Economic Studies (IES- Europe). It was financed by The Friedrich-Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit and individual sponsors.

The working language during the seminar was English. More than 30 students from Georgia, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria took part in the workshop. The Summer Seminar was free of charge for all participants. Nevertheless, the participating students have been selected after tough competition with a number of candidates from all over the world.

Lecturers at this year’s seminar were Emanuel Martin (IES- Europe), Tsvetelin Tsonevski (USA, FFE), Mayron Ebell (USA, CEI), Krassen Stanchev and Peter Ganev (IME-Bulgaria).

Within a week, the participants had the chance to get acquainted with the ideas of classical liberalism in a wide array of topics, ranging from its purely philosophical and legal principles to the Austrian School of Economics. Only a half of the seminar’s time was dedicated to lectures, while the rest was deliberately left to the participants to discuss and raise questions.

The Institute for Market Economics would like to extend its gratitude to its partners and individual donors for making this workshop possible. We are also grateful to all participants for their contribution to the success of this initiative.

After the workshops in Troyan 2011 and Bansko 2012, this is the third consecutive Summer Seminar for students, organized by the Institute for Market Economics. IME would like to keep this tradition and has the intention to arrange similar workshops every summer.  If you find this initiative interesting and would like to participate or contribute in some way towards its implementation, feel free to contact us anytime.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Peter Ganev, IME  / + 3592 952 62 66