Disscusion meeting: "Mises and the lessons from the crisis"


The Institute for Market Economy and The Institute for Radical Capitalism “Atlas” 




Disscusion meeting

Mises and the lessons from the crisis

5th October 201., 16,30 - 19,00 h.

American Corner, Sofia City Library (4a Slaveykov Sq.)



Moderator: Svetla Kostadinova, CEO, Institute for Market Economy





16.30 – 17.00      Registration


17.00 – 17.20       Ludwig von MisesThe last Knight of the Liberalism

Tsvetelin Tsonevski, Foundation for Economic Education, USA


17.20 – 17.40      The Austrian theory of the business cycle

Peter Ganev, Institute for Market Economy


17.40 – 18.00        Discussion on the first panel


18.00 – 18.20        Back to the Capitalism, to Avoid the Next Crisis

Prof. Valery Dimitrov, Institute for Radical Capitalism “Atlas”


18.20 – 19.00         Discussion on the two panels



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