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Sometimes I stand and think, sometimes I simply stand

Author: Petar Ganev / 28.05.2009
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It was well said by Winnie the Pooh! If there was a day when it was certainly necessary to think, than without any doubt it was the day for reflection before the elections. The day, when we all get together, forget about any alcohol and begin to think feverishly about the upcoming elections. We think so hard that we often waste the entire Saturday. At the end, who would think of drinking alcohol exactly on Saturday - this is such a rare event in Bulgaria.

In recent days the realities of the Bulgarian democracy again reminded us about themselves.  The attempts to appropriate the power reached new heights including the scandalous changes in the election law, as well as the strange (political) decisions by the Bulgarian courts. The audibility and the reactions, however, were also on a level. The media comments, or even those on the streets, were mostly worth it. It got even to a veto by the President. Many people would have said that all this is a game, but things are not that simple. All of these events and what is going to happen next would show us many of the problems facing our society, but I would not be surprised if they show that the democracy is more or less working. May be we also, as voters, must help that.

In addition to all stupid things which the Government did during last week, somehow the abolition of the day for reflection was passed as well. A day which sometimes could be very irritating. A day when additional restrictions are imposed on us. A day, when the elections must take over our lives and we must bear in mind with them. The day for reflection smelled on communism from everywhere and luckily it is already not here.