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Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development 2015

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For the fourth consecutive year the Institute for Market Economics (IME) presented the only one of its scale and depth study of the social and economic state of districts in Bulgaria. The press-conference took place on November 9th 2015 in BTA. The English version of the study will also be available by the end of the year.

Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development 2015

The research is published at a time when newly selected mayors are expected to propose the most effective policies for regional development. We believe that the publication would be helpful in resolving these issues because it outlines both the advantages of every district, as well as the challenges they face.

This year’s edition of “Regional Profiles” also includes analysis of the work of local justice systems, due to the undeniable importance of justice for the social environment and the conditions for doing business on local level.

Some of the questions that the study tries to give an answer to are:

  • In which districts incomes and salaries are the highest?
  • What does the poverty map of the country look like?
  • Which territories attract the most investment after the crisis?
  • Is there a connection between the level of economic development and crime levels?
  • In which districts are local administrative services most developed?
  • Where are the demographic tendencies most adverse?
  • How does the justice system work on local level?
  • Does the quality of education depend on the economy?
  • Do the rates of local taxes and fees have an impact on decisions for investments?