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"My Taxes" is Now Available in English

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In October 2016 the IME and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom launched "My taxes" - a specialized online which can be accessed on the website. Now we are happy to announce that the webpage is already available in English! The mirror webpage in English allows comparisons between the tax burden in Bulgaria and that in other countries, where such online applications can also be found.

The goal of is to shed light on the taxes that each Bulgarian pays and illustrate the cost of the state, born by each citizen, through a so-called “personal receipt”.

This page allows every person in employment to calculate the taxes and insurance payments that he or she pays. Through several simple questions, the application enables anyone to calculate his/her individual personal tax and social security burden depending on his/her salary and consumption, and to see the personal receipt that shows what the state will spend these taxes on.

Various experiments with the application have shown that the tax burden of the average working Bulgarian is typically within the 40-45% range, i.e. about 40-45% of what one earns in gross terms is transferred to the state via different tax payments.

The biggest burden comes from social security contributions (made both by the employer and the employee) and VAT, which is paid upon consumption. The consumption of excise goods, especially cigarettes and fuel, is also the source of a significant tax burden for those who buy such goods regularly.

Check out your taxes at!