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On 17th of March 2009


organized their first meeting at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". IME's initiative is taking place thanks to the financial support of Overgas, as our mission is to provide a forum and a means for students interested in economics and economic philosophy; to provide access to new knowledge, different viewpoints and ideas.

Almost 100 students from various universities attended the first meeting and took active part in a discussion about the financial crisis, skillfully moderated by our guest-lecturers - Kalin Hristov and Georgi Angelov.

Kalin Hristov spoke about the reasons for the emergence of the financial crisis, while he also tried to gain knowledge from the students themselves, from their understanding of what is going on in the world and at home. The lack of enough knowledge and the ignoring of the so-called "hidden risks" were among the indicated problems.

Georgi Angelov, on the other hand, focused his attention on Bulgaria, directing his efforts toward the demolition of some myths about the country, headed by the "problems" originating from the fixed exchange rate of the bulgarian lev and the "danger" from the current account deficit.