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IME Publishes Database on Local Taxes and Fees

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In the spring of 2012 IME sent questionnaires to all 264 municipalities in the country. Our goal was to collect official information on the rates of local taxes and fees as well as on the  development of e-services and one-stop-shops. The process of collecting the data, contained in the nearly 200 replies received from municipalities required no less than three months.


The data includes the rates of immovable property tax for legal entities, vehicle tax, license tax for retailers, waste collection charge for properties of legal entities, fee for the use of industrial goods markets per day, as well as the municipalities’ self-assessment of the quality of e-services supply and their degree of readiness regarding one-stop-shops.

The data presented here covers not only 2012, but previous years, too. Our comment on this data can be found in a thematic analysis, titled “Local Tax Policy”. The data was used for assessment of regional business environment, too.

In 2013 IME will once again send questionnaires to all municipalities in order to update the database. This year’s goal is to cover all the 264 municipalities in the country. We are looking forward to cooperating with the local authorities on this particular initiative.

The database is available in xlsx format here as well as on our data-related internal web page