GIFTED Project Groundbreaking Innovative Financing of Training in a European Dimension

Interim meeting, Lisbon 12-13 June 2012


The five partners of the GIFTED Project met in Lisbon on June 12 and 13, 2012 to finalize the research activities of Work Package 1 focused on investigating funding mechanisms for Adult Learning (AL) currently in place in selected pilot Member States and identifying good practices in publicly funded AL.

The GIFTED Project develops and validates – through financial stress testing – an innovative funding model to pool public and private resources, whose proceeds are then devoted to the funding of Adult Learning and Training.

Partners presented findings and issues encountered in carrying out primary and secondary research, took stock of overall project implementation and launched the modeling activities of Work Package 2. Under the guidance of the Team from Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CLSBE) the Consortium defined the working assumptions for the GIFTED model, specifically the concept of the Revolving Fund, the inflow-outflow dynamics, asset allocation, other financial and operational parameters.

The Institute for Market Economics is available to provide additional information and details about the GIFTED Project, its activities and the outcomes of the meeting. GIFTED partners have a participatory approach to implementation and welcome comments and inputs from all interested parties. Feel free to contact Mr. Kaloyan Staykov at [email protected].


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