GIFTED Project: Groundbreaking Innovative Financing of Training in a European Dimension

November 2012

Sofia, Bulgaria

The five partners working on the GIFTED Project met for a two-day-meeting in Brussels for the concluding part of the research activities of the project and to discuss future activities. The project aims at analyzing the current financing frameworks for adult learning and is set to develop an innovative financial tool, which can help increase the flexibility and efficiency of the system. The project activities span through the entire calendar years of 2012 and 2013.

At conclusion of the research phase, the GIFTED Project Team released the research report available on the project website at

The report consolidates the finding of primary and secondary research carried out during the project to analyse the existing funding models for adult learning.  The report identifies the various elements of AL funding models, comparing their pros and cons to finally pinpoint features of AL funding models such as:

  • Common patterns of use of public funds for AL
  • Possible shortcoming
  • Dynamics/potential mismatch and inefficiencies from both supply and demand side

The GIFTED Project is funded by the European Commission, under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The Institute for Market Economics is available to provide additional information and details about the GIFTED Project, its activities and the outcomes of the meeting. GIFTED partners have a participatory approach to implementation and welcome comments and inputs from all interested parties. Feel free to contact Mr. Kaloyan Staykov at [email protected].

For more information on the GIFTED project, please visit the website:

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