Economic Library of IME and BMA – Events & Photos

Institute for Market Economics and Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation created the first economic library in Bulgaria. The official opening of the library was in June 2010. Everyone who is interested in economics and social sciences will find a mix of brand new titles and at the same time, a decent collection of classical liberal literature. 


The library starts with around 3000+ books and new ones are being ordered or come as donations on a regular basis.



What to expect from us:

  • Variety of titles in Bulgarian, English and other languages
  • The newest books that deserve attention
  •  Most popular titles – we have the majority of Amazon’s Top 20 in Economics
  •  On-line catalogue and reservations
  •  Notifications via e-mail reminding for expiring reservation, return deadline, etc.
  •  Organized debates and discussions on hot books or topics, meetings with authors, publishers, short movies


Ireland & Estonia Event

(Georgi Angelov)


Gordon Tullock Event

(Krassen Stanchev)


Ayn Rand Event

(Kalin Manolov & Iskra Angelova)


What to expect from you:

  • To be a passionate reader
  • To register on-line on  
  • To pay for subscription – you pay for one book and read one year
  • If you are a student there is a discount
  • Most importantly: learn more and enjoy!

Institute for Market Economics

1000 Sofia
22 Patriarh Evtimii Blvd., fl.3

Tel./Fax: (++ 359 2) 952 62 66, 952 35 03

E-mail: [email protected]

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