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In a coalition or alone IME contributed to the following:

  • Establishment of the Better Regulation Unit (2008);  
  • Reducing the Social Insurance Contributions (2007);
  • Implementation of a 10% Flat Income Tax (2008); Implementation of a 10% Profit Tax (2007);
  • Comments on Government's Transport Development Strategy (2005);
  • Comments on Government's Administrative Reform Strategy (2005);
  • Instructions to All Administrative Bodies and a Handbook on How to Apply and Use the Law on Reducing Administrative Regulation and Administrative Control over Economic Activity (2005);
  • Cost Benefit and Regulation Impact Analysis” - draft government decree for the incumbent cabinet (2005);
  • Establishment of Work First Europe (2004),;
  • Establishment of Experian-Scorex Bulgarian Credit Bureau (2004);
  • Regulation Impact Analysis, Legislative Corrections Studies and Corruption as a Systemic Phenomenon (grafting respective chapters for the New Normative Acts Bill), 1999 –2004;
  • Reform of the Business Registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in cooperation with Bannock Consulting and UNILOB, 2002-2004);
  • Accountability and RIA Training and Methodologies for Kyrgyz Republic (2003);
  • Establishment of the Central East European Mortgage Financing Network (2003);
  • Special Purpose Investment Vehicles Act (promoted by IME and adopted in 2003);
  • Law on Reducing Administrative Regulation and Administrative Control over Economic Activity, (drafted by IME, in cooperation with Bannock Consulting and UNILOB), adopted 2003;
  • Draft Mortgage Bonds Act (drafted by IME), adopted 2000;
  • 1998 Reduction and Applicability of VAT and Social-welfare Taxation (drafted by IME);
  • Competition Defence Act (three provisions ensuring better implementation), 1998;
  • 1998 SME's Strategy (drafting sections on equal opportunities, competitiveness, fair government practices, low transaction costs);
  • Tax Reforms in 1997 and 1998 (advocacy and cost-benefit comparisons);
  • Deposit Guarantee Act (drafted by IME), 1997-1998;
  • Introduction of the Currency Board (advocacy and public awareness campaign) – 1996-1997;
  • Information Disclosure and Anti-Fraud Provisions in Securities Regulations (drafted by IME and US SEC) – 1993-1995;