IME - "Bulgaria in International Rankings - 70 Reccomendations for Prosperity"



70 Recommendations for Prosperity

Different international organisations and initiatives across the world are calculating the indexes focused on the various important aspects of life, economy and technologies. They all are aimed chiefly at showing the best practices in the different countries, at gauging the advancement in time from the application of specific policies, and at showing that the measured fields exercise a notable impact on our life.

We have selected the widest used international indexes which trace out the development of societies.

The main goals of this analysis "BULGARIA IN INTERNATIONAL RANKINGS - 70 Recommendations for Prosperity" are to show where Bulgaria stands, to offer an overview of her advancement through the years, of the opportunities for reform, and to suggest recommendations which, if applied in practice, would bring about higher prosperity and standard of living, and would ease up the country's efforts to handle the crisis.

Each Government has its own vision about the future policy of Bulgaria. Some of the proposals and ideas are good; others are not always justified from an economic viewpoint. The lessons drawn from the best international examples and the generalised recommendations could be put to use by all who are in power, or who strive after it, but they would be still more useful to those whose purpose is to use power for improvement of the living conditions and the conditions for business-making for all people in Bulgaria.

The summary of the analysis in English can be downloaded here.  

Media coverage of the press-conference, July 09, 2009

More than 20 media were present at the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency where the analysis was presented.

Press-coverage (July 09-11, 2009)

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