IME has a Management Board and International Advisory Board.

IME members of the Board and International Advisory Board are volunteers.


Management Board 

Dr. Krassen Stanchev, Ph.D (Chairman)

IME Executive Director (1993 - 2007), political scientist and Member of Parliament (1990-1991), member of President's Economic Policies Council (1996-2001); awarded by Euromoney Publications as 'best 1996 individual analyst for Bulgaria', a co-founder of Transparency International Bulgaria.

Andrei Evtimov

Executive Director, Doverie Brico Jsc.

Levon Hampartsoumian

Chairman of the Managing Board, Main Executive Director, BULBANK; Deputy Minister of Economy (1999), former Director, Earnst&Young AFA, Bulgaria

Kenneth M. Lefkowitz

Partner and Co-founder, New Europe Capital Partners LLC (NECP)

Georgi Sarakostov

Social entrepreneur

Boriana Dimitrova

Managing partner, Alpha Research



In previous years, members of the Board who helped IME acquire sustainability were:

Emil Hirsev, Ph.D., President Hirsev & Company, former Deputy governor of the BNB; Reneta Indjova, Ph.D., former Prime Minister of Bulgaria; John Dimi Panitza, President, Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation, former Managing Director of Readers' Digest; Ognian Pishev, President, Vitosha Software and Communication, former Ambassador to USA; Galina Dimitrova, Economist, Bulgarian Investment Bank; Luibomir Christov, Advisor to the Executive Director, World Bank, former Chief Economist of the Bulgarian National Bank; Mariana Todorova, Economist, EDI of the World Bank; Krasimir Kanev, former Chief Economist, NEC, Yana Kostova, Consultant at Value Partners, Italy; Martin Dimitrov; Member of Parliament; Martin Zaimov, SG Expressbank; Kalin Hristov, BNB.



IME Advisory Board 

Margot E. Machol, President, Chesapeake Associates (Chairperson)

Dr. Richard Rahn, senior fellow of the Cato Institute and the Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth, weekly economic columnist for The Washington Times, and serves on the editorial board of the Cayman Financial Review.

Roderick Hills, Partner, Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexander & Ferdon;

Philippe Adhemar, Counseiller Maitre Cour des Comptes;

Anne Brunsdale, Commissioner, International Trade Commission;

Charles H. Dallara, Managing Director, Institute of International Finance, Inc.;

Christopher DeMuth, President, The American Enterprise Institute;

Wendy Lee Gramm, Director Reforming Government Study Series;

Professor Dr. Joachim Hentze, Brawnschweig Universitaet;

Arlene Holen, Chairman, Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Commission;

Kenneth Juster, Partner, Arnold & Porter;

Dr. Allan Meltzer, Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute;

James C. Miller, Chairman, Citizens for a Sound Economy;

Thomas Gale Moore, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution;

Michael J. Mussa, Director of Research, International Monetary Fund;

William Niskanen, Chairman, CATO Institute;

Dr. John Raisian, Director The Hoover Institution;

Beryl W. Sprinkel, President, B.W. Sprinkel Economics;

Sir Alan Walters, Vice Chairman, AIG