A Discussion on Populism in the Economy and Regulation of Human Action
IME published a discussion article investigating various examples of economic populism and regulations that have a direct effect on economic activity and the social environment in Bulgaria. The examples discussed are by no means exhaustive, but they aim to present the situation in many different human activities – from sharing economy to social activities, where there is a gap between real needs/actions and the current regulatory framework. Although in the cases discussed the actions of the economic operators are often on the edge or even beyond the law, we show that they are not usually offenses in their nature.
Open letter regarding Bulgaria’s Prime Minister’s commitment to comply with the recommendations made by the Venice Commission
IME / 13.12.2019
RE: Bulgaria’s Prime Minister’s commitment to comply with the recommendations made by the Venice Commission in relation to the draft bill proposed by the Bulgarian Government in execution of the ECtHR judgment in the case of Kolevi v. Bulgaria and the proposed subsequently second draft bill dated 7 December 2019 for amendments and supplements to the Criminal Procedure Code and Judicial System Act
IME Study: Judicial Map. An Attempt to Restart the Debate
The study shows that there is no coherent judicial organization model. Therefore, the judicial map is a sum of all courts and prosecutor’s offices without a guiding organizational criterion except for the instance control one. Throughout the years, the hierarchical division was supplemented by the atypical for Bulgaria division of jurisdiction according to the accused individuals, as specialized criminal courts and prosecutor’s offices hear cases on the basis of this principle.
The Institute for Market Economic (IME) published a detailed analysis of price elasticity of tobacco product in Bulgaria and examination of affordability issues in respect to EU harmonization policy on excise duties. The report is part of IME initiative “By the book”*, which aims to study possible improvements in current policy and the ways to overcome institutional weaknesses which allow for illicit trade of tobacco products. The report covers the full period 2007-2018 and provides commentary on the recent public consultation on EU excise policy towards tobacco products.
Suspension of the Bulgarian Prosecutor General – Possibilities and Solutions
IME / 19.12.2019
Since 1992 Bulgaria is a party to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (hereinafter the Convention) and recognizes the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (hereinafter the Court). On November 5th, 2009, the Court issued a judgment on the Kolevi v. Bulgaria case which identifies problems in two main areas that are the subject of the present analysis.
IME Study: Assessment of the people not in employment, education and training (NEETs) in Bulgaria and policy measures to effectively address their integration
IME / 03.10.2019
Despite the positive trend of the labour market in recent years, Bulgaria is still struggling to offer inclusion opportunities for a significant share of young people. The present report provides a thorough analysis of the level and geographical distribution of NEETs between 15 and 34 years old, as well as of the main factors that determine youth inactivity. It also reviews the current policies implemented by the Bulgarian government related to NEETs and provides a series of recommendations that could support the sustainable inclusion of inactive young people.
What is the Industry Profile of Bulgarian Districts
What are the distinct profiles of the separate regions, and which are the industry and agricultural regions in Bulgaria?
IME: 5.6% of Smokers in Bulgaria with Packs of Cigarettes Not Intended for the Local Market
IME and Alpha Research conducted a large-scale sociological study of illicit trade in tobacco products. The study uncovered many particularities of the consumption and opinions of the population regarding the use of such products.