"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

Structural Deficiencies, Regulatory Policy and National Regulator Malpractice in the Electricity Sector in Bulgaria

In response to repeated disputes between players in Bulgaria power sector, and to worrying signals of repeated regulatory failure and delayed liberalization, the Institute for Market Economics had undertaken analytical efforts to review the practices of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC), the national regulator. This report summarizes these efforts.

Analysis of the potential for cultivation of fruit and vegetables in Bulgaria

Nikolay Vulkanov / 30.05.2014
The purpose of this study is to identify the perspective crops in the vegetable- and fruit-growing sectors from the viewpoint of domestic demand and export potential. The crops with growth potential are identified as such based on observed increase of demand on the domestic and EU markets and also on a competitiveness coefficient greater than zero, derived through the Revealed Competitive Advantage formula.

Natural Gas from Shale: Socioeconomic Impacts for Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s citizens and economy, which currently pay higher price for natural gas relative to their income, are likely to benefit from shale natural gas production in the country. This report articulates what are the costs and benefits of such perspective, and most importantly, describes the knock-on effects that shale natural gas production will cause on Bulgaria's economy and welfare. The purpose of this report is to outline opportunities that could be potentially missed by Bulgaria. We examine the direct, indirect and induced impacts of shale gas exploration and production on the economy, the employment tax revenues of the state and local budgets, and the probable side effects of greater energy diversity and security.