"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544


In a few short weeks, Plamen Oresharski’s government has undertaken a number of measures and unveiled policy plans that not only showcase its economic ignorance, but, in many cases, are borderline foolish. We have attempted to list some of the most damaging decisions and plans of the new government – given the multitude of insufficiently thought out proposals in recent days, it is likely that we missed some.

Free Market Road Show in Sofia

On 16th May 2013, Sofia became one of the 25 European capitals, who this year will be hosts to the famous Free Market Road Show. The main event was organised by the IME and was hosted in Grand Hotel Sofia.

IME’s “Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development” 2013 Build-up

Starting from mid July 2013, IME began a tour of the 28 Bulgarian districts for a second year in a row, as part of the preparation of the forthcoming publication “Regional profiles: Indicators of Development 2013”. In the lead up to the publication, we’ve prepared several analyses on leading issues such as employment, earnings and quality of life.

The Successes and Failures of Bulgarian Governments (1998-2012)

The review of all published audit reports of the Bulgarian National Audit Office in the period between 1998 and 2012 (747 in total) gives a clear idea about the work of the public administration. Its scope includes about 40% of the budget expenditures for the period.

Defining and Measuring the Middle Class in Bulgaria

The goal of this research paper is to define and measure and middle class in Bulgaria in the recent years, as well as to discuss it political role. Following the review of a number of different methodological approaches for calculating the number of “people in the middle”, we have chosen one that uses the median net equivalised income of a household as a main indicator.