"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544


The alternative budget of IME is made for the eighth consecutive year. Our goal is to show alternative fiscal policy, which relies on low taxes, balanced budget and bold reforms.

The “Hidden” Debt of Pension Promises

Petar Ganev / 08.11.2010
...nine member states of the EU, and Bulgaria among them, had sent a letter to the European Commission and to the president of the EU Herman van Rompuy in which they had launched the idea “the extra expenditure needed for reforming the pension system” of the member states to be excluded in calculation of the level of the government debt and deficit...

Voluntary Taxes?!

Filip Kolev* / 08.11.2010
On August 9, “24 chasa” newspaper published a brief article, which describes an idea to enable municipalities to impose special voluntary taxes, set in the government's decentralization plan until 2013.

Unemployment Push for Reforms

Zornitsa Slavova / 08.11.2010
...it is not surprising that the unemployment in the country continues to stay at high levels, though in comparison with the first quarter the data for the second quarter shows a slight decrease. The main reason for this is the seasonal employment. The expectations of IME are that this trend will turn round and in the end of the year the unemployment in the country will raise.

Less Spending?

After a year of real increase of the cumulative budget expenses and in spite of the significant shrink of the incomes, July was the month that eventually gave joy to us with a real (i.e. including the inflation) decrease of the spendings compared to a year earlier.

Economic Library of IME and BMA

Institute for Market Economics and Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation created the first economic library in Bulgaria. The official opening of the library was on June 7th. Everyone who is interested in economics and social sciences will find a mix of brand new titles and at the same time, a decent collection of classical liberal literature.