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The first year of the government has already passed by and it is normal that this raises many analysis, evaluations and comments. It is almost impossible to cover the whole picture within a short text therefore I will concentrate on some key observations, that I find important and that may put the main framework.

Higher Social Contributions?

During the past week, there was talking in the public space about an increase of social security taxes. Labor Minister, Totyo Mladenov, and the director of the National Social Security Institute, Hristina Mitreva, prepared the ground for a possible increase of the social security payments despite the government’s promise to go in the opposite direction.

Richard Rahn Visited IME Students Club

On May 27th Richard Rahn* visited IME Students Club** in Sofia University. Richard Rahn gave a lecture on “How the transition started in Bulgaria in 1990, what were the options… and what to do now”

Employment Measures - Expensive and Inefficient

Zornitsa Slavova / 19.07.2010
This week was held a final conference on the project "Assessment of the impact of services provided for employment as a tool for successful integration of vulnerable groups in the labor market”, developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) in partnership with the National Statistical Institute (NSI ) and the Employment Agency (EA) and funded by the European Commission.

The New Energy Strategy

This week a new draft of Bulgaria’s 2020 energy strategy was published. It is available on the web page of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. Those interested can send their suggestions and comments within a month.

Economic Library of IME and BMA

Institute for Market Economics and Bulgarian Macroeconomic Association with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation created the first economic library in Bulgaria. The official opening of the library was on June 7th. Everyone who is interested in economics and social sciences will find a mix of brand new titles and at the same time, a decent collection of classical liberal literature.