"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

A Historic “Farewell” to Kremikovtzi AD

Krassen Stanchev / 17.12.2009
Amid the bustle of everyday affairs the economic observers are about to overlook one of the historically most important economic events – the fact that Kremikovtzi AD has somewhat silently headed for its liquidation.

The Messages in the Government Program

Svetla Kostadinova / 17.12.2009
Every government program is a noteworthy reading. You can compare pre-election promises with the real actions of the government at least...

Tax Breaks: Equal to the Sailors

Velin Peev / 17.12.2009
In principle, people are equal (as it comes to law or the state), but again it appears that some are more equal than others. Just this week quite unexpectedly the Parliament adopted the reduction of income tax for the seafaring profession, particularly from 10% to 1% of the income.

An Emerging Budget Deficit

Petar Ganev / 17.12.2009
The main task of the new government was to balance the budget. Measures for cutting down the expenditures as well as for raising the budget revenues (administrative measures mainly) have been adopted but from today’s point of view balancing the budget seems like an unreachable goal...

A Customs Trick

Svetla Kostadinova / 17.12.2009
Nowadays, everyone can order almost everything through Internet – you just need an Internet access and a credit card. Thus, taking advantage of this opportunity I ordered Kindle (a digital reader offered by Amazon). It came from USA to Sofia just for two days, but I realized that it’s not possible to get it in my office, and I had to go to the custom of Sofia Airport to pay duty and VAT. I didn’t have any choices and I went there – and here is the madness that happened to me:

Lost in Transportation

Zornitsa Slavova / 17.12.2009
This week at a meeting of the Budget Committee in the Municipality of Sofia, councilors have discussed the problems of urban transport. Again the main topic is the financing and ineffective work in providing public transportation in the capital. The focus of discussion has fallen on the question of preferential public transportation, as the proposal now is to reduce such. Bravo!