"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

IME - "Bulgaria in International Rankings - 70 Reccomendations for Prosperity"

Different international organisations and initiatives across the world are calculating the indexes focused on the various important aspects of life, economy and technologies. They all are aimed chiefly at showing the best practices in the different countries, at gauging the advancement in time from the application of specific policies, and at showing that the measured fields exercise a notable impact on our life.

Bulgarian Economy…

Petar Ganev / 02.11.2009
It is not by chance, that the spending cut announced by the new cabinet was quoted by international media (including Wall Street Journal) and drew attention to the country. It is exactly this kind of news, which is much more important, because it can bring back investors confidence, which suffered a lot from the silliness of the previous administration. The “Stanishev plan” did not achieve anything but wasting huge amount of our money. The main goal – “promoting employment” – was a failure.

IME - "Local Business Environment Index"

For the first time in Bulgaria we have researched the local business environment. IME has developed a methodology, conducted a survey and after reviewing pertinent conditions has ranked regional cities.

Djankov, follow Saakashvili’s example

Svetla Kostadinova / 02.11.2009
“Our experience shows that there would not be a place where something good could happen if government was present.” said Saakashvili. “Low and simple taxes are the biggest achievement of Georgia that attracts investors, creates new work places and gives more money to people and firms. So it is our obligation to secure the existence of that type of politics regardless of any political changes in future”

IMF`s Recommendation and Alternatives

Velin Peev / 02.11.2009
Compared with retirees age in the European Union, the age in Bulgaria comes a few years earlier. Would be illogical people in our country to work less, so it makes sense people in Bulgaria to retire later than it is now...