"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

Question mark (?) and Exclamation mark (!) for the Budgetary Expenses?!

Petar Ganev / 29.06.2009
The crisis affected everything – the economy stopped growing, the unemployment began to increase, the foreign investments disappeared somewhere, getting credits became very complicated, the revenues to the budget shrunk and in general things are not rosy at all. However, there is something which is not affected by the crisis. Something which is so fare from the market processes and in general from rational thinking that there is not a crisis which could frighten it. Naturally, I am speaking about the so called budgetary expenses...

Unemployment in Bulgaria

Peter Ganev / 29.06.2009
At the end of May the registered unemployed in the country went beyond the limit of 250 thousand people, which is actually sending us beck to the levels of the previous year. The official data of the National Employment Agency indicate that from October 2008 we have a continuous increase of the number of unemployed in the country, which is in contrast to the trend from previous months.

Freakonomic analysis of the market for votes*

Velin Peev / 29.06.2009
The election campaign is picking up speed and all sorts of advertising are pouring over us from everywhere. They have one thing in common, regardless of the advertising party: the label: “Buying and selling votes is a crime”...

IME Students Club 4th meeting – lecturer Simeon Djankov

On 18th of June 2009 IME Students Club gathered again to meet Simeon Djankov, chief economist of the finance and private sector vice-presidency of the World Bank and the creator of the Doing Business series. Mr. Djankov talked about the long-term policies in Bulgaria, focusing on healthcare, energy and the state ownership. More than 80 students participated actively in the discussion following Mr. Djankov lecture.

Why are we paying high prices for energy?

Velin Peev / 29.06.2009
In the last several months the inflation, measured on a yearly basis, in Bulgaria is falling. The monthly report of the National Statistics Institute (NSI) shows, that April is not exception as well. Usually, when Bulgarian and European economic growth is slowing down, demand is diminishing and thus, the prices...

Social Contributions Debate

Zornitza Manolova / 29.06.2009
Two members of the cabinet (from the same party) for some time have been discussing in the media the social security in the country.

Nano Thoughts in Mega Projects

Anton Gerunov* / 29.06.2009
I have doubts whether I could be able to find even one normal Bulgarian who would not want our country to become a powerful engine of economic growth in the region by producing modern technologies with high added value. And as if to answer this need and by accident just before the elections, the Government attempts a mega-journey in the world of nanotechnologies with promises of giant developments, but micro chances of success.