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On 27th of May We Celebrate Government Freedom Day!

Adriana Mladenova / 05.02.2009
According to calculations by the Institute for Market Economy, 27th of May 2009 is the Government Freedom Day in Bulgaria. On that date we would celebrate the day when the people symbolically stop working for the Government and start working for themselves.

The Government’s Spending

Metodi V. Metodiev / 05.02.2009
During the past few months the Government announced several times its intentions for big spending for a number of activities. On the other hand, the financial crisis opened a new opportunity for political spending. The big spending is defended under the so-called Government measures against the crisis. Here the Bulgarian Government has common grounds with the new Obama administration – one part of the programs in both countries for stimulating the economy is directed towards infrastructure projects.

Sir Alan – the missing advisor

Krassen Stanchev / 05.02.2009
Sir Alan Walters died on January 3rd this year at the age of 82. He was given the knighthood in 1983. After his death “The Economist” called him “the monetary guru of Mrs. Thatcher”, to whom he was a personal economic advisor. As such he contributed to the program that won her elections in 1979, but also her resignation in 1990...


The Institute for Market Economy (IME) was acknowledged with the "Golden Key" for their persistent search of documents necessary for conducting various research works, analyses and recommendations by using the procedures of the Access to Public Information Act. The IME received the 2008 “Golden Key” award for also publishing all the documents received under the procedures of the APIA on its web-page.

We Can… Better

Peter Ganev / 05.02.2009
The Bulgarian economy falls again into the group of the “moderately free” according to 2009 Index of Economic Freedom, published by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. Although in this year’s study Bulgaria has its best index until now (1995-2009), the improvement is almost negligible.

To Ban the Protests

Zornitza Manolova / 05.02.2009
The events of this week are forcing us to think. On Wednesday and Thursday we forgot for a while about the crises in Bulgaria, caused by external factors and turned our attention again towards the internal problems of the country. The preparation and carrying out of large-scale protests in front of the Parliament could not remain unnoticed by the people and the Government. Some people supported it, some remained indifferent, others did not agree. The Government began working feverously...


Bulgarian government likes to spend our wealth, especially when elections approach. For the period 2000-2007 the total sum of the additionally approved budget credits totals a bit more than 6.5 billion leva. Broken down yearly, on average the sum is a bit more than 2% of the GDP. Almost 900 million leva of them have been approved by the so called Reserve for unforeseen and urgent expenditures. These funds are spent on structural reforms, on prevention and elimination of disasters' aftermaths, as well as for fiscal stability.