"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

Measures against the crisis

Dimitar Chobanov / 12.11.2008
The World economic crisis is being used as an excuse for undertaking packages of measures in the different countries, which in general are setting aside very large amounts of money. In the United States the amount in question is over 700 billion dollars, besides those, similar plans are being discussed in Great Britain (about 500 billion pounds), Germany (approximately 480 billion Euros), France (360 billion Euros), Italy, Ireland. The aim of these packages is to “restore confidence” in the financial markets...

The Argentinean government is robbing the workers!

Adriana Mladenova / 12.11.2008
This week the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, announced her intention to nationalize the private pension funds in the country. This major violation of the sanctity of private property is shocking the World. The capital market reacted immediately to that news and the stock market indexes in the country dived, the stock prices fell by 11% on Tuesday. This is the assessment of the investors about the Government intentions – withdrawal from the economy and loss of confidence.

We would fight the crisis with investments – certain failure

Zornitsa Manolova / 12.11.2008
The news from the middle of this week, is that the director of the Bulgarian Agency for Investments (BAI) was commenting the changes in the Bill for investments. These changes are a consequence from the crisis and the intention of the Government to do something to counteract it.

The known unknown Institute

Krassen Stanchev / 12.11.2008
The Institute for Market Economics (IME) is part of the history, if of nothing else, than at least of economic policy and the mind set against the Bulgarian economic phenomena. Many things about the Institute are unknown, others are forgotten and its biography is becoming mythical. This year during January and March IME was celebrating its 15th anniversary. This is a suitable occasion to try to explain part of its peculiarities and successes.

The fight with the bureaucratic changes

Peter Ganev / 12.11.2008
...Every element is fundamental and it is sufficient that if only one is false to bring down the entire “religion” or in other words, if the warming is a fact, but is not caused by the CO2 emissions, the religion falls. There many other scenarios where the “religion” would be shaken to its foundations...

Comments about the proposed Bill about the branch organizations of the employers

Veliko Dimitrov / 12.11.2008
A senseless and potentially harmful for the economy bill is being prepared again – this time about the branch organizations ; in contrast to many other occasions however, this time the proposal is supported by the greater part of the businesses or more accurately by the organizations which represent them, which is not surprising since the proposal was developed mainly by them.