"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

Execution of the budget for the first half year

Dimitar Chobanov / 09.09.2008
The Ministry of Finance published the data about the execution of the consolidated budget for the first half of 2008. The revenues are over 14 billion levs, while the expenses are 9.89 billion levs, which means that the surplus is over 3.78 billion levs or over 5.5% of the expected GDP for the year.

No to the protests of the milk producers

Adriana Mladenova / 09.09.2008
The milk producers protests and the decision which the Government is about to make for providing additional funds from the budget for subsidies, show again that an organized group of people could be very strong on the political scene, even if their demands are against the interest of the net taxpayers in the country...

What is happening with the State administration?

Metodi V. Metodiev / 09.09.2008
During the recent months and years, almost repiodically, the role, significance and expectations from the State administration are a toppic for discussion in the public space. It plays an exceedingly important role for the development of the economy since on its adecvate positioning, effectiveness and quality of services depends the development of the business environment, which determinece the competitiveness of the entire economy...

What is happening to the ice-cream?

Zornitza Manolova / 09.09.2008
At the beginning of this week the mass-media headlines said that on the street of all Bulgarian cities a polluted ice-cream is being sold. The Consumer Protection Federation alarmed the “customers” by its chief secretary Mr. Peter Karlev. He emphasized several facts:

This year again we will pay agricultural tax*

Svetla Kostadinova / 09.09.2008
Usually, if a producer operates at a loss for three – four months he simply goes bankrupt and is out of the business. However, the situation is different if this producer has been promised a subsidy regardless of being successful or not. This situation seems absurd. The agricultural producers and processors in Bulgaria and generally in the EU would say differently, since they are the main participants in the Common Agricultural Policy pf the EU and as they profit from it, in recent times, it seams that they are losing more.

Price control

Veliko Dimitrov / 09.09.2008
Both with respect to central economic planning and price control, as its very important part, there was never proofs that they were useful and not destructive for the largest part of the population, it is also a fact that the small part of those who benefit from such measures have always been its big supporters. Although there are no proofs in support of limiting the free price formation and although there are a number of examples in the history of the very undesirable consequences from the introduction of such measures, to a lesser or larger degree they are applied even today, and unfortunately their use is extending.