"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

The crisis and the economy

Dimitar Chobanov / 08.05.2008
Recently, the global financial crisis has been the subject of many comments since it is expected to affect to a greater degree the development of international markets. The expected slowdown of the growth of the major economies, such as the USA and the European Union, is spreading over the rest of the world through trade and capital movements. The increasing integration of the Bulgarian economy with the European economies, however, is making it more susceptible to unfavorable developments and is raising questions about the effects of the current situation...

Who should be the licenser – the State or the private sector

Veliko Dimitrov / 08.05.2008
It became known several weeks ago that several professional organizations from the truck industry have joint into confederation. There is nothing wrong with this type of association – it is voluntary. To some extend one could say that this is an alternative to corporate mergers and takeovers from the point of view of the positions of negotiations with the trade unions and the State by the entrepreneurs...

Should the State pay for advertising of the tourist business?

Adriana Mladenova / 08.05.2008
During 2008 every second the Government is spending minimum 805 levs or 2.9 million levs per hour and 69.5 million levs per day. You are probably asking yourself where is all that money going? It is spent on various “priority” projects and initiatives of “state importance”.

Murders and the economy

Zornitsa Manolova / 08.05.2008
The Bulgarian people are witnessing a large number of scandals, frauds, plunders, rackets and murders. During the last week the criminals again proved themselves – crimes during daylight, undiscovered witnesses and undiscovered perpetrators. On Sunday and Monday were executed two murders for political and economic reasons – a writer who was describing the underworld in Bulgaria and a company director...