"Economic Policy Review" Bulletin ISSN 1313 - 0544

Tax Freedom Day is again the 29th of May!

Adriana Mladenova / 31.01.2008
According to the budget for 2008, this year the Tax Freedom Day will be on the 29th of May! This is the day when the people will stop working for the government and will start working for them. If the taxpayers were forced to give all their earnings to the government, until the revenues forecasted for the entire year to the budget are collected, than only after that date they could keep their income for themselves, than 29th of May would have been that date.

Inflation In 2007

Dimitar Chobanov / 31.01.2008
Recently the data about the consumer price index for December 2007 were published and that made it possible to analyze its development throughout the year. The growth of the prices during December 2007 compared to December 2006 is 12.5%, while the average annual inflation during 2007 is 8.4%, which is the highest value since the year 2000.

Global Index of E-Government Development

Metodi V. Metodiev / 31.01.2008
In the last few years the topic of e-government and the readiness of the Bulgarian administration to utilize contemporary information and communication technology are on the agenda both in public speaking and in political rhetoric.

How healthcare is financed in Europe?

Zornitsa Manolova, Intern at IME / 31.01.2008
Around the World there are three basic types of healthcare systems – model “Beverage”, where healthcare is assured for all people, regardless of their financial status; model “Bismarck”, based on insurance with health funds and model “Kennedy” where healthcare is provided by the private sector. The healthcare in Europe is characterized by the first two models, while the last model is used mainly in Asia and the USA.

NO to the Energy Holding!

Peter Ganev / 31.01.2008
This year looks like very interesting from the point of view of the changes in the Bulgarian energy sector. After the acceptance of the Energy Strategy of Republic of Bulgaria in 2002, the Bulgarian energy sector could be characterized with the words: restructuring, privatization and liberalization. It is important to note, that this process is very slow and the energy sector continues to be ineffective and is fare from the understanding of the words “competitive sector”.

The Government’s Legislative Program

Veliko Dimitrov / 31.01.2008
Earlier this week the Council of Ministers announced its legislative plans for the first six months of this year. Naturally the question, which everybody is interested in, is whether anything will change for the better, i.e. whether or not the government is willing to implement any of the long awaited reforms