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IME – Think Tank of the Year

IME / 10.12.2007
Institute For Market Economics was named Тhink Тank of The Year in the first ever UK awards of this kind. The inaugural Golden Umbrella Think Tanks Awards took place on Wednesday 5th December 2007 at the National Liberal Club bringing together the Stockholm Network’s 130+ member think tanks from 40 countries ranging from Iceland to Azerbaijan, in addition to European politicians, journalists, policy makers and industry representatives.

Alternative Budget With Low Taxes For 2008

Georgi Angelov / 10.12.2007
The idea of alternative budget with low taxes is to show that, it is possible to significantly reduce taxation and at the same time improve the quality of public services. This year again the main tax proposals in the alternative budget are related to the introduction of the 10% flat tax rate for each of: social security, income and corporate profit.

STATEMENT on Plans for Nuclear Power Plant “Belene” in Bulgaria

IME / 10.12.2007
The Institute for Market Economics (IME), supported by independent analysts and energy experts, for years opposes the project for construction of the NPP “Belene”. The project has many pitfalls and has not proven economically feasible for Bulgaria. Herein we present to your attention a brief list of main argumentation against the second nuclear plant project in Bulgaria...

Flat tax

Dimitаr Chobanov / 10.12.2007
During this week there was a discussion about the change in taxation of the personal income, which consists of the introduction of proportional tax from the beginning of 2008. The social security burden is not likely to be reduced, however the ratio of payments by the employer and the employee is changing from 65:35 to 60:40.

(Not)Unnecessary Budget Questions*

Svetla Kostadinova / 10.12.2007
There is a well-known truth that, when you are spending someone else’s money you are not interested in effectiveness, which is different from the case, when you are spending your own. This is the reason why when we are talking about spending the budget surplus it is best to ask several questions.

Human Development and Climate Change in Bulgaria

Peter Ganev / 10.12.2007
“Fighting climate change: Human solidarity in a divided world” is the theme of 2007/2008 Human Development Report. With governments preparing to gather in Bali, Indonesia to discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report has warned that the world should focus on the development impact of climate change that could bring unprecedented reversals in poverty reduction, nutrition, health and education.

The legislation throughout November

Veliko Dimitrov / 10.12.2007
During the first days of November a bill was introduced to amend the Law on Commerce to reduce ten times the minimal requirements for capital to register a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) and a Joint Stock Company (JSC) – form 5 000 to 500 and respectively from 50 000 to 5 000 levs. The basis for this proposal is that the lower required minimal capital reduces the cost of registration and could lead to increase in business activities, employment and incomes.