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The currency board is the most suitable money restriction until the acceptance of the EURO

Dimitar Chobanov / 31.10.2007
Recently people started talking again about the currency board. This time around the discussion was started not by Bulgarian analysts but foreign experts. In their opinion representatives of the European Central Bank claim, that the countries which have accepted the currency board will have problems to maintain good results over sufficiently long time. They face the challenge to be stable in the process of convergence to the average levels of income in the European Union.

Belene for Ever!

Krassen Stanchev / 31.10.2007
What are the conclusions from the developments in the negotiations about the building of NPP Belene during this week? Very simple – the project is clearly becoming a lost cause and the negative forecasts of the skeptics are being proven or exceeded.

Security, freedom and investments. A look at the UNCTAD report

Metody V. Metodiev / 31.10.2007
Recently was published the report by UNACD which revue the investments on a global scale. For a third consecutive year the flow of direct foreign investments (DFI) on a global scale for 2006 increased by 38% and have reached 1 306 billion dollars. The growth of DFI can be observed in all three basic groups of countries: developed, developing and the countries in transition

Theory of Political Games

Metodi Lazarov / 31.10.2007
You have probably seen the movie “Beautiful Mind”, which won the Academy award for best production in 2001. The story is about the life of the American mathematician John Forbs Nash, who is best known with his proofs of the so called “Nash’s equilibrium.”

The Latest News On the Teachers Strike

Adriana Mladenova / 31.10.2007
The subject about which the parties agreed during this week is the decentralization of the system of school and pre-school education and moving towards delegated budgets, where the schools become secondary level managers of the budgetary credits. Minister Valchev promised publicly that if he is the minister of education until the end of the school year there will be matriculation. Since for years the introduction of matriculation exams has been postponed for various reasons, which is delaying the development of the educational system in the country.

From the European Commission to the Bulgarian notaries

Svetla Kostadinova / 31.10.2007
The fact that the European Commission (EC) performs reviews of the achievements in Bulgaria and imposes sanctions could prove to be a good policy. Since our society, including the Parliament, could not exercise effective control over the Government, it is as well that there is an external factor.

Rumors worthy of Nobel Price

Peter Ganev / 31.10.2007
The former US vice president Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change with the UN received the Nobel Peace Price for 2007. Gore received the price for his movie “The Inconvenient truth”, which is focused on the changes of the World climate and the possible influence of human activities on it. The Intergovernmental panel for Climate Change (IPCC) was awarded the price for its research on the role of human activities as factor of global worming.


IME / 31.10.2007
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