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European Market or European Union Market Regulation?

To begin with, I should point out that the topic I am going to discuss today is a very broad one. It is both covering competition among states and ideologies, and among companies. It also examines how regulation is reflected in the economic activity and tax competition vs. tax harmonization issues in different states. We are going to pay attention to several subjects today.

The Health Care Reform – Not By These People, Not In This Way

Svetla Kostadinova / 28.02.2007
n February 2007 a public discussion took place in the parliament on the topic of ‘Strategic Directions in Health Care’. In the discussion participated the Minister of Health, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Health Care, the Vice-Chairman of the Health Care Committee of the Bulgarian parliament, representatives of the professional organizations in health care, the syndicates, the governing body of the National Health Insurance Fund, and others. What became apparent from the speeches given by the participants?

Of course, the private enforcement of law works

Veliko Dimitrov / 28.02.2007
Last week, certain facts became apparent, which the IME predicted more than two years ago, namely that the private enforcement agentswill be working more effectively and will be preferred over their colleagues in public service. All of this happened in a rather surprising, to many observers, fashion – for a while now, the state also has preferred to have its receivables collected by private enforcement agents.