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The summer seminar "Europe & Liberty", organised by the Institute for Market Economics (IME) and Institute for Economic Studies (IES - Europe) has been hugely successful in last seven years (2011-2017). Due to some funding issues, we invite you to support our initiative in 2018. The IME will host both a crowdfunding campaign and a direct fundraising campaign focused on IME donors and alumni of the seminar. The goal of the campaign is to fund participant costs - the seminar is completely free for those who take part in it.

The Economic Centres of Bulgaria

The grouping within the centres was done around the economic cores, which gather significant daily labour migration from surrounding municipalities, have significant concentration of employed people and generate relatively large production.

The fictitious "real convergence" criterion for the euro area

Desislava Nikolova and Vesela Krastanova* / 30.01.2018
Even if there were an informal criterion for real convergence of incomes to the EU average, then Bulgaria would have fulfilled it. This is clearly evident from the decision to admit the three Baltic States to ERM II at income levels that had been lower or similar to those of Bulgaria at the moment. The other possible explanation lies in the domain of political hypocrisy and the use of euphemisms behind which European politicians (like most politicians) usually hide. Which of the two explanations is relevant to the case will be seen pretty soon if the Bulgarian Finance Minister fulfills his promise and files an application for euro adoption by June this year.