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Обява за конкурс

Автор: ИПИ / 16.12.2006
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The Institute for Market Economics, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is one of the most renown economic think-tanks in Eastern Europe.

The mission of the IME is to develop and to advocate market-based solutions to the challenges that Bulgaria and other countries in the region face as they complete transition to the market economy and begin to take their place as modern nations with full-standing in the European Union. In this regard, the Institute works in a variety of ways to influence public opinion and policy making, to include consulting with government, providing liberal solutions to contemporary social and economic issues, and through education or other means to advance economic understanding and to disseminate economic knowledge. In pursuit of this goal, the IME is strictly independent from the influence of the government or any other vested interests.

Presently, the Board of the Institute is seeking to appoint an Executive Director to lead the Institute during these critical early years of the 21st Century.

A long-standing transition plan provides that Krassen Stanchev, who founded the Institute in 1993 and since has been its sole Director, will assume the position of Chairman. As a result, the Board of Directors is seeking a highly motivated individual to work with Krassen to continue the IME's 13-year record of distinguished performance.

The ideal candidate would have experience in

- Successfully managing a team of young, ambitious professionals;

- Non-government, not-for-profit activity and/or public service;

- International networking;

- Consulting and

- Fund raising.


The right person also would have:

- An interest in successfully building and expanding the activity and reputation of the IME

- A passion for liberal policy making;

- Extensive knowledge of Bulgarian and European economic policy issues;

- Training and understanding of macroeconomics, possibly evidenced by academic and/or media publications;

- High energy and a strong but personable way with people;

- An excellent reputation and impeccable integrity.

Those interested should send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and references to Martin Zaimov at martin.z@gmail.com