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Свободата – лична, икономическа, социална, етична, политическа... е в центъра и на двете книги, които представяме.


Freedom and Reform: Essays in Economics and Social Philosophy 

 Frank H. Knight

Liberty Fund, 1982


The fifteen essays in this collection, first published in 1947, treat a variety of economic, social, political, and philosophical problems and were written by a legendary professor of economics at the University of Chicago.
Professor Knight (1885–1972) wrote from the viewpoint of ethics as well as economics. His own words best describe his objective in this book: "The basic principle of science—truth or objectivity—is essentially a moral principle. . . . The presuppositions of objectivity are integrity, competence, humility. . . . All coercion is absolutely excluded in favor of free meeting of free minds."


In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays

Frank S. Meyer

Liberty Fund, 1996 

Meyer has done more than anyone in America to search out the metaphysics of freedom.—William F. Buckley, Jr., Founding Editor, National Review

When it first appeared in 1962, In Defense of Freedom was hailed by Richard M. Weaver as "a brilliant defense of the primacy of the person" and an effective "indictment of statism and bureaucratism." Meyer examines the tension between the freedom of the person and the power of social institutions. In his view, both the dominant Liberalism and the "New Conservatism" of the American tradition place undue emphasis on the claims of social order at the expense of the individual person and liberty.


Свободата е тема, която е вълнувала и ще вълнувала всички големи мислители.

Това са само малка част от книгите, посветени на СВОБОДАТА.


History as the Story of Liberty 

Benedetto Croce

Liberty Fund, 2000



Capitalism and Freedom

Milton Friedman

The University of Chicago Press, 2002



Hayeks's The Constitution of Liberty: An Account of Its Argument

Eugene F. Miller

The Institute of Economic Affairs, 2010




The Politics of Freedom: The Politics of Freedom

David Boaz

Cato Institute, 2008



Toward liberty: The Idea That Is Changing the World

David Boaz

Cato Institute, 2002



Liberty and the State

Charles K. Rowley

Edward Elgar, 1993



The Soul of Liberty 

Robert A. Sirico

Action Institute, 2002 



On Ordered Liberty: A Treatise on the Free Society (Religion, Politics, and Society in the New Millennium) 

Samuel Gregg

Lexington Books, 2003



Не само философите се вълнуват от въпросите на свободата.


Нашият музикален поздрав към вас е „Свобода” в изпълнени на големия китарист, певец, текстописец и продуцент Джими Хендрикс.